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Robin Corba - My new beast PC

9 April 2016

My new beast PC

I bought a new (gaming) PC at the Asus store in Ratu Plaza, Jakarta

My new beast PC

So I went a bit nuts a couple of weeks ago. I felt like the Rp 5,000,000 ($500) PC I bought back in 2010 started to reach the end of its lifecycle. It felt like I was working and gaming with a mature old lady; thrustworthy, nice, and reliable but not one of the fastest any more.

I went to Ratu Plaza, a mall in South Jakarta which has multiple stores that sell PC components. I wanted to visit the Asus store in Ratu Plaza to start building my own PC, and since I didn't want to waste a lot of time in my weekend I decided to go there early in the morning. Even though the store was supposed to open at 10:00 AM I had to wait till 10:45 until someone came to open the store; he was surprised there was a customer already.

Anyway, finally I went inside and explained I wanted to have a serious upgrade of my current PC. Starting with the casing, they offered my a standard casing which looked nearly the same as my old one. I said I wanted to have SERIOUS upgrade again. Then the guy showed me a Cooler Master Cosmos Ultra Tower. Now that's more like it!

I also bought a new motherboard, and Intel i7 Processor and 16 GB of RAM. My old PC still had a quite okay GPU (Nvidia GTX 750 ti) a 250 GB SSD for the operating system and two additional HDDs. I brought everything back home and started to assembly my new PC. This process took me multiple hours, because I read every manual and really took me time to connect every plug and place every cable neatly inside the new casing.

Unfortunately I found out that I couldn't start my old Windows 7 OS from my SSD, because if you chaange your motherboard and/or processor Windows wouldn't work anymore. I already got rid of my old motherboard and I didn't have the patience to find a solution to create a backup of my files. So I ended up formatting the SSD an installing a new version of Windows 7 on it.

After installing Windows 7 kept trying to download updates, but kept failing installing them and taking over an hour to "revert changes" during booting. This happened three or four times and I lost my entire morning and afternoon trying to get it to work. In the end I gave up and just went to the store and bought Windows 10.. I was so fed up at the time.

Now, with the newer Windows the system runs nice again! Now I just have to reinstall all the software I had before. Games run really smooth and I am happy with it!


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