30 October 2021

The Tribute Black

My love for the Royal Enfield brand is growing as I bought another Classic 500 as one of the last produced in the world.

The Tribute Black

As some of you may have read before in this post from 2019, I have been riding Royal Enfield classic models for quite a few years now. After I moved from Indonesia and sold my previous Tan-coloured Classic 500 I could not wait to get my hands on another one here in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, I only have an Indonesian driving license, for which I could only ride in the Netherlands if I came here as a tourist. Now that I settled, the license would be considered valid only for the next six months. It was time to do motorcycle exams in the Netherlands. I planned a few driving lessons just in case, as the rules of the roads are quite different here. I passed my motorcycle theory exam in January 2020, which was four months after I moved back. I just had two months left to pass my practical exam to keep riding before I could no longer use my Indonesian license. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic had finally arrived in Europe, which postponed that exam all the time. Well, in May this year I finally got the job done and was ready to hit the road again!

So, even though in 2020 I was allowed to ride a motorcycle yet, I still could not wait to get another Royal Enfield. So in August that year, I went to visit StarTwin Motors and started checking out the classics again. The very friendly salesman, called Henk-Jan, got in touch with me later, telling me that they have ordered a limited edition Tribute Black version of the Classic 500. I got excited immediately and told them I would take it right away!

Royal Enfield decided to stop the current line of Classic 500's to replace it with BS6 350 versions, that's why they decided to make the last thousand in black, hand-crafted in India. They added a plate on the side of the bike to show that it is the end of build specials, mine's number #143.

I ordered a black colored headlight visor from India as well and installed it on the bike, as all the previous classics I liked had them. Additionally, I also added an engine guard just for safety. It just adds that little extra to make it perfect.


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