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Robin Corba - Short break from reality

14 September 2016

Short break from reality

Went for a short holiday to Bali island

Short break from reality

It has been 3 months since I was allowed to go back to work for my employer in Indonesia and already I was feeling due for a holiday. Working hard, sometimes (s)till late at night, to get the job done and making those extra efforts for a better future.

In the mean time I have met a new girl who I am starting to like. I met her here in Jakarta, Indonesia but she soon moved to Bali because she already made the plans before we met. I came to visit her over the past weekend and we had a great time! We spend time at the beach, swimming, playing, and fooling around. We also rented a big scooter to cruise around the island. We enjoyed local rice with seafood, Mexican food, and Italian food. She also showed me the area where she lives now and where she maintains a Batik shop up in the Ubud mountain.


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