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Robin Corba - Going to Bali Again

29 October 2016

Going to Bali Again

Went to visit Bali two months in a row

Going to Bali Again

Last weekend I took another 4 days off work and travelled to Bali to visit my new girlfriend Marcella. She is absolutely amazing; her hobby is photography and she blogs about fashion things. Together we spent a long weekend near Seminyak area on Bali island; riding around on a 2016 Honda Vario Techno 125.

On the first day I almost missed my flight from Jakarta; my flight was at 4:30am but I overslept and woke up at 3:30. I jumped in a taxi and rushed to the Soekarno-Hatta airport, skipping the lines at the check-in counter and security checks, I managed to go from my bed into the airplane seat in exactly 30 minutes, incredible! Later that day we went to the cinema and watching the film Inferno, featuring Tom Hanks. It was pretty good! I went for a 10 minute power nap though, because I barely slept the night before.

We spent time at Canggu beach, at which we nearly drowned in the high waves but it was an amazing adventure! We also went closer by, to Double Six beach. Which is a lovely undeep, slow descent beach with small to medium sized waves. Many people learn how to surf there. We spent the evening hanging out in bean bags, hehe. One morning I went back to Double Six beach and ran a small 5k at the shore line.

Every day we tried a different place for breakfast, and it is unbelievable how Marcella manages to find out all the best and yummy places for breakfast! We've had yoghurt/fruit/cereal/bagel/croissant and other lovely things!

This was also the first time I tried at an escape room. An escape room is currently an upcoming hype; more and more people are doing it nowadays. We went to the Totem escape room at Seminyak; a rather small place but they have 4 different types. We did the Egyptian escape room, which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately we couldn't escape the room within 50 minutes, mainly because I did not seem to know how pad locks work... twice. Marcella did most of the thinking here though.

We spent four night at The Grey inn, near Sunset Road. Which is a decent place for the price you pay for it.

Oh! And yes! I almost forgot to mention the Cosmic Diner at the corner of Sunset and Dewi Sri. The '50s style american diner is amazing! I loved the style a lot and the food was good too! We even had ice cream aftwards which I don't think they have on the menu, but it's from the same stuff they make milkshakes with.

We really had a great time on Bali again, and I couldn't ask for more. Thanks to Marcella I am starting to like Bali now, on my previous visits I don't like Bali at all because of all the touristic places and the sales(wo)men that keep bothering me without stopping if you say no thanks. This time I did not have any problems like that, which was amazing!



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