13 December 2020

What I miss about Indonesia

I left Indonesia over a year ago and think back about what I have been missing so far.

What I miss about Indonesia

It has been over one year since I have moved back from Indonesia to the Netherlands. More often people ask me whether I miss Indonesia and if so, what do I miss the most. The first question is easy to answer, of course, I miss Indonesia! There is so much you can see and do in this beautiful country it is hard to say you cannot love or miss it.

The second question I find a bit tough to answer because there are so many things that I miss about Indonesia. I will give it my best shot though. First, you can talk about the food.. and never stop about food, haha. Going for the real Nasi Goreng from the street vendor, for example. The fried rice is made in the old wok that man has been carrying around on his gerobak for many, many years.. The sizzling sounds it makes when he puts the ingredients together. Take it away in a little box, or, what I used to do when I lived in Slipi, I just bring an empty plate outside and ask the guy to put the rice on my plate so I can eat it inside, haha. All these little gorengan you can get from the streets, yummy. Order some kue putu or kue tetek when the guy passes your house. Have some bubur ayam (chicken porridge) for breakfast, as you know that guy sells his bubur in front of your office every day.

Or if you live in Jakarta, just go to one of the hundreds of malls around, and enjoy whatever is sold in the food courts or the nice restaurants they have there. I frequently enjoyed some Quattro Formaggi pizza with extra salami and gorgonzola cheese at Pizza Marzano, or go for fried rice still hot in a pan at Pepper Lunch, nice Japanese food at Sushi Groove, or just go simply for your local HokBen. (Hoka-Hoka Bento).

If you don’t go to Jakarta or any other big city in Indonesia, be ready to enjoy some of the most amazing nature. They have everything over there, almost everything grows there easily because the soil is so fertile. Mountains, beaches and forests, there is so much to see! In the article picture, I was enjoying some Kopi Susu in Central Java, enjoying the view of Mountain Sumbing in 2017.

If we talk about the weather, well yeah, I’d say the tropical weather is a tie with the contemporary weather we have in The Netherlands. It is great that you don’t have to think about which winter coat you have to wear, or which sweater or shoes.. just wear a t-shirt and flip-flops and you’re good to go! Just hop on your motorcycle, no worries. I also like the four seasons in the Netherlands though, we have some mild winters here but also very nice long summer evenings. However, I do not regret moving back to the Netherlands as well. After living abroad for ten years I also started to miss some things back home. Those were the little things I may have taken for granted in the past, like sidewalks and custard. Yes, that may sound random, but it is true.


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