28 February 2021

Snow and ice fun!

My wife and dog see snow for the first time, having a lot of fun during our first real this winter together

Snow and ice fun!

Since we moved to the Netherlands a the end of 2019 I have been looking forward to seeing snow again. It has been over four years and I always have happy feelings when it snows. Unfortunately, the winter of 2019-2020 was the first winter ever in the Netherlands which had no snow at all; proof that climate change is affecting our lives.

Luckily for us, this winter did bring us snow! And also quite a lot. The first snow fell on 16 January, this was the first time ever for both my wife and our dog. The snow started to fall in the evening, so we went out to throw some snowballs and we even made a small snowman. Unfortunately, it was not so much so the next day it was all gone.

On the 7th of February, we had more luck, a small snowstorm arrived in the Netherlands after a jet stream had passed over our tiny country the day before. It snowed for three days in Arnhem and the snow reached a height of 20cm! It was a lot of fun to go out that second time.

Also our dog Laika was not sure what was going on, this time it was a lot more than a few weeks before. She jumped through the snow like a rabbit, and could not get enough from catching snowballs. At some point, she keeps eating snow every few meters when we took her out for a walk. The week after that the temperatures dropped to a high of -5°C and a low of -15°C. Our dog started shivering after being outside for more than 5 minutes and I think that’s because the snow constantly touched her belly, poor thing. We really wanted to take her to a nearby park, but after seeing her shivering that much we decided to bring her back home instead.

The weekend after that, when it was Valentine’s Day that Sunday, it had frozen for a week straight. The Netherlands was getting their “ice-skating fever” again, and so did we. Marcella and I were happy that we bought ice skates a week before. On Saturday we went to the Ice Skating Rink, I bought two tickets over a week before not knowing if it was cold enough to skate on natural ice, so at least we could try our new ice skates. Well, the same day we even went ice skating on the nearby Immerloo Lake and it was really awesome! The ice was nice and smooth and there we tens of other people ice skating as well.

On Valentine’s Day we went Ice Skating again, this time we went early in the morning. We invited our friendly neighbours to come to join us. Because it was so early, there were only a few people on the ice and because the ice could recover overnight it was really smooth then. Lucky as we are, my parents were glad to take care of our dog for the day so we could keep on skating. I even got to skate with my brother for a bit, using my dad’s old speed skates (called “Noren” in Dutch). We were happy to treat ourselves to some nice hot chocolate milk afterward. It was the highlight of the winter!

Interestingly, a week later the weather turned and the next Sunday the temperature reached 15°C in the afternoon, thirty degrees more than a week ago. And the whole snow and ice fun already seems such a long time ago, luckily we took a lot of pictures!


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