1 March 2020

Our Wedding

About our wedding in Indonesia in May 2019

Our Wedding

It has been over nine months since we got married in Indonesia. I have not written about it in my blog so far, that’s why I am starting today. Before you continue reading, let me refer to you to my wife’s blog post about our wedding here.

We had been preparing our wedding since the 6th of June 2018, the day I proposed to her. We had prepared a budget for our wedding which, of course, we end up spending more but I was not disappointed as it was around 25% over our budget. A lot of the preparation was done by Marcella and her family and friends, as the wedding is in Indonesia and I usually work 12 hours a day I did not have the energy nor the connections to probably get things arranged properly in time.

Even though at times the stress added up so much for her that I needed to be there for her as support. About a week before the wedding, which was taking place at the St. Ursula’s Chapel in Jakarta, my parents and my brother arrived in Indonesia. I picked them up from the airport at 6 am, drop them off at their hotel so that I can go back to work immediately after that. Even my best friend, Jantine, came to Indonesia for our wedding. Both for her and my mother it is the first time they came to this country.

On the wedding day itself, everything just fell into place. I did not feel nervous at all, I was actually kind of excited. All my friends and family were here and the day was going to be great. We woke up between 4 and 5 am in the morning to get dressed and have a quick breakfast. My parents had to wake up early too as they had to go from the hotel and arrive at my place before 6 o'clock in the morning. At that time the photographers arrived at my house as well, they were making videos as well. Not long after that our wedding car arrived as well, which we took to pick up Marcella at her parents’ place.

Once we arrived at her parents’ place, we were welcomed with breakfast and after that, we did a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. After that, we went to the Chapel for the actual wedding itself. I was really glad to see so many friends and family show up. After the wedding itself, we sliced the wedding cake, which was made out of cinnamon cookie dough. My father and brother each gave a speech, also Marcella’s best friend Audrey gave a speech.

After that we left the premises, but not before our friends could throw some rice at us. That was a typical thing I wanted to have at our wedding. Then we went for a short trip around on my motorcycle. The license plate had been covered with another sign made by my good friend Matt, which said: “Just Married, Game Over”. It did not feel it as a game over, it felt more like we just went one level up.


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