31 January 2021

Our very own house

We bought our first house in the Netherlands.

Our very own house

Hey everyone! A new year has started, and this time I want to start writing stories more often. Hopefully, you guys like reading my blog.

So, last year was a very interesting year for us. It was the year we started a new chapter of our lives living here in the Netherlands. We bought our first car, our first house, and our first dog. There were so many exciting, new things going on! Unfortunately, 2020 is also the year of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic which caused quite some issues. For example, my motorcycle exam got delayed from January 2020 till now, a year later, I still have not passed it yet. Also, when the Netherlands went to its first intelligent lockdown, as our prime minister Mark Rutte called it, the government strongly advised everybody to start working from home now.

People spend so much time at home, especially because you had limited access to other places like cinemas, restaurants, and bars (which eventually all had to close anyhow). People spend their time fixing up their house and garden. Around the same time, we moved into our first house, bringing no furniture or stuff because we just came from Indonesia. Stuff like paintbrushes and sanding paper were hard to come by because they were almost always sold out. We managed with help from family and friends.

We also bought new furniture from Maisons du Monde, which was delayed to the coronavirus situation. Luckily we got my parent’s old outdoor table and chairs which we placed indoors and used as our dining table. We were really happy when we finally received the furniture in July!

Now we are living here for eight months, it really starts to feel like home! Marcella works hard to keep the place nice and decorative. We also love our vintage and retro style furniture. At the end of the summer, we had all the basics we needed, a sofa, television, dining table, refrigerator, bed, office desk and chair, and a washing machine. From here on we could live more comfortably.

During autumn I have mostly been busy outdoors, I found out that I like to do gardening. Trimming hedges, mowing the grass and watering plants were my (almost) daily routines. At the end of autumn, my dad and I started working on building a garage too.

Now it is winter, we just had our first show together. I still spend a lot of time outside; later this year I want to redo the entire back garden, so I already started pulling out all plants that were there from the previous owners. Now the whole backyard is a mix of old grass and dirt.

We live in a very nice neighbourhood, there is a small park with playgrounds right in front of our front door and there's a big park two minutes walking from here. Speaking of things that are nearby, there is also a baker, hairdresser, supermarket, and a Chinese-Indonesian restaurant literally one minute walking from here too. It is nice and calm here, you don’t hear any cars or motorcycles passing by.

We are very grateful we got to buy this house last year, and we hope to spend many happy years here.


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