7 November 2020

Laika the Border Collie

We welcome a new puppy to our family

Laika the Border Collie

We are excited to introduce our latest family member, Laika the Border Collie! Ever since my wife and I started dating we told each other how we would like to have a dog later, just like we have had dogs in our families when we were younger.

Laika was born on a farm near the village of Bruchterveld, the Netherlands on the 4th of July this year. Both her parents are Border Collies. Her mother’s name is Jill and has brown fur. Her father is called Zoi and has black and white fur. Even grandma Pip was still around when she was born. She has six siblings, three are male and three are female. Remarkably none of the pups have brown fur like their mother, showing that black fur is a more dominant gene. Most of her siblings have the classic collie look, Laika is the interesting one as she has smooth fur with a completely white head and front paws but with a completely black body.

We visited her one week after she was born; back then she was the size of your hand. Very small and fragile, her eyes still closed and curled up next to her siblings. Since it was a nearly two-hour drive we did not visit every week, however, we went to see her again three weeks later. At four weeks old they already started to walk around and explore. There were finally using their eyes. Laika seemed the smallest of all her siblings.

We picked her up on Saturday 22 August, when she was approximately seven weeks old. We were, of course, very much excited. Even Laika noticed something was going to change, after we played around at the farm for a bit we went to the car to go back home. Before we got to the car she suddenly started to vomit, perhaps she was nervous about what was about to happen. We took our time before getting in the car and driving home; the whole drive she was mostly asleep. Marcella sat on the back seat together with her, bringing some pads and toilet paper just in case she had to vomit in the car. Luckily the drive itself was fine.

We then introduced her to our garden, our house, her bench, and her eating and drinking bowls. Soon my family came to visit her as well. Before we took Laika back home, my mother already saw the transport box in our living room, giving away a clue that we were about to have a pet. So we told her that we were getting two cats. Seeing as my mother is not a big fan of cats, I thought it would be a nice surprise when she found out it was a dog instead. And yes, it was indeed a nice surprise because when they first met my mom already bought her some cat toys, haha.

Now Laika is 18 weeks old, so four and a half months. She seems to be potty trained now, as we have not got any accidents in the house in the last two weeks. She also learned a lot of commands and tricks from us, the best one is when she lays down on her back with her paws up in the air if we shoot her with our fingers saying “Bang!”. We hope to have many more fun moments to share with her in the future.


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